Permit Applications

Building Permits

Our building inspection team reviews plans, issues permits, and performs inspections for building construction performed by licensed contractors and homeowners. Every permit involves inspections of the work to assure it has been completed safely and correctly. 

A sample of commercial inspection work consists of: new buildings, renovations, tenant’s spaces, additions, apartments, and condominiums.

A sample of residential inspection work consists of: new homes, remodeling, additions, decks, hot tubs, swimming pools, and garages/accessory buildings. 

Electrical Permits

A sample of electrical inspection work consists of: new installation, upgraded service, additional circuits, and equipment wiring.

Mechanical Permits

A sample of mechanical inspection work consists of: new furnaces, central air units, fire sprinkler systems, and mechanical exhaust.

Plumbing Permits

A sample of plumbing inspection work consists of: new construction, replacement of drains, vent, and water supply pipes, and hot water heaters.


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