To assure various construction, alteration and equipment installation projects are properly completed and safe, City Ordinances require that permits be issued before work is started. It is the responsibility of the property owner or contractor (whoever is actually doing the work) to obtain the necessary permits and post them at the construction site. Zoning ordinances and building codes may also affect approval of a project. 

Processing Time

For most residential projects, permits can be obtained in two to seven days. Large projects and commercial/industrial applications require additional time to process. However, for all but single-family houses, site plan review must first be obtained from the Planning Department. 

Scheduling An Inspection

Required inspections vary depending on the type of permit and scope of a project. The contractor or homeowner to whom the permit is issued is responsible for scheduling inspections.


  • At least 24 hours prior notice is desired from the permit holder.
  • Call the Building Inspection Department at 616-530-7285.

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