Building Inspections Staff


Commercial Building Inspector
Phone: 616-530-7285


Devin Waclawski

Residential Building Inspector
Email: Devin Waclawski
Phone: 616-530-7290


Jerry Payne

Mechanical Inspector
Email: Jerry Payne
Phone: 616-530-7275


Tim Hannan

Plumbing & Rental Inspector
Email: Tim Hannan
Phone: 616-530-7288


Chad Hill

Rental Inspector
Email: Chad Hill
Phone: 616-530-7222


Rob Brackett

Electrical and Sign Inspector
Email: Rob Brackett
Phone: 616-530-7291


Lew Manley

Code Enforcement and Electrical Inspector
Email: Lew Manley
Phone: 616-261-3522


Eliana Bustamante

Code Enforcement
Email: Eliana Bustamante
Phone: 616-419-5542